The Ultimate Guitar Practice Tool Guaranteed to Give You the Fastest Results in Your Guitar Playing

Can You Answer "Yes" To Any Of These Questions?

  • Is your progress on the guitar slower than what you want?
  • Do you feel like you're wasting your time, money and energy on trying to learn the guitar with nothing to show for it?
  • Are you confused about what you should be practicing?
  • Do you get distracted by all of the various courses, online lessons and YouTube videos?

The biggest problem that guitar students face in practicing guitar is developing an effective and efficient guitar practice routine that will give them results.

Most guitar players create some sort of practice routine or schedule but fail to create one that is efficient and free of distractions.

You can make twice as much progress with an efficient routine. The secret is focus.

Face it, it’s easy to get scattered – to go in too many directions and fail to accomplish much of anything due to a lack of focus. You must eliminate distractions during your practice sessions and encourage focus.

You won’t be able to accomplish your goals and practice effectively unless distractions are eliminated.

You probably have a closet full of books and DVDs on how to play the guitar with more than enough licks, exercises, riffs and songs to learn and maybe you are feeling confused and overwhelmed by all of the information and "stuff" to learn.

You blame your slow progress on all kinds of things such as not enough time in the day, information overload, ineffective courses, bad teachers, etc when the truth is that you are missing one critical piece to your guitar playing success:

A highly effective, customized guitar practice schedule that is personalized to you based on your skill level, musical challenges, needs and goals.

It's not just your potential or how much you practice or working with the best teacher that makes the difference between years of struggle and being able to finally play guitar the way you want to play.

Finally. . . A Better Way To Get The Most Out Of Your Guitar Practice Sessions

We all have different goals for our guitar playing and your practice schedule should reflect that.  Canned practice routines that your teacher may give to all of his students or one that you find online may not work for you.

Every guitar player is different and has unique goals for their playing.  For example, a beginner’s practice session is very different from an advanced player's.

Regardless of your level of experience or your goal, there are still five areas that need to be addressed to create your perfect personal practice session:

1. Pick your immediate goal. What would you like to accomplish in the next six months?

2. Choose the five most important areas that you need to work on to realize this short term goal.

3. Create a schedule that allocates the most time to the primary topic and progressively less time for each of the other four topics.

4. Some of these topics must be dedicated to reviewing what is being learned in other topics. If a goal is to learn a new song each week, for example, time must be allocated to practice songs that you already know.

5. Keep track of what you’re working on: record the date, beats per minute, notes and all other aspects of your sessions. If you have a list of twenty songs that you’re working on and you’ve completed the fifth song today, for example, you need to mark your place so you’ll continue with the sixth song in an upcoming practice session. You need to keep track of progress and be sure that you’re working through your list without constantly repeating the same things.

Leverage Our Experience

After years of teaching guitar to thousands of guitar students, both in our studio and online, myself and the team at Six String Studios developed a very simple, easy to use yet HIGHLY effective method of helping you make the most from your guitar practice sessions.

Students are always asking us what the best method is to practice guitar.

The problem is there is no ONE method or practice schedule that works for EVERY guitar player. After years of working with students of all levels, goals, interests and ways of learning, we developed a solution that works for ALL guitar students.

We put together a very special tool that gives you the perfect personalized, custom-made, goal-driven highly effective guitar practice schedule that allows you to improve your skills as a guitar player much easier, faster and better than ever before: The Guitar Practice Generator.

If you don’t have the time, unsure of the best approach or lack motivation to do it yourself and finally want to start playing the guitar like you have always dreamed of then get the only tool that does all the hard parts for you.

Super Easy to Use and Highly Effective

The Guitar Practice Generator will focus your attention on your five most important topics and is flexible enough to change as often as necessary. It also keeps track of progress and is flexible enough to change topics at any time. And the awesome thing about it is that it is as easy as plugging in your stuff in to an Excel spreadsheet.

To use this spreadsheet you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer or install a free program that reads Excel spreadsheets. You don’t need to know anything about Excel to use this program. Two free Excel compatible programs are the Apache Open Office “Calc” program or Google Sheets.


We Walk You Through The Entire Process

In fact we make it so easy to use that we recorded an "over the shoulder" video that you will get with your purchase so you can see EXACTLY how to use The Guitar Practice Generator.

We take you step by step through the process and show you exactly how to create your very own customized guitar practice schedule.

We have also included a suggested practice schedule for each level of player- beginner, intermediate and advanced to help you get started right away and give you ideas in developing your own practice routine.

In addition we have included a section where we recommend the best guitar courses and lessons for our suggested topics so you dont waste time in trying to figure out which courses are the best or get stuck with lessons that wont help you to your full potential.

This is the total package that you need to develop a guitar practice routine that is highly effective and will allow you to start playing the guitar like you have always wanted.

Here's What People Are Saying About The Guitar Practice Generator

Bill P.

The guitar practice generator has done wonders for my playing and really helped me stay focused on what I needed to work on for rehearsals and gigs.  Our shows have never been better!

Jay S.

Now that I'm retired and finally have time for the guitar, there are so many things that I want to learn but feel like I have a lot of catching up to do compared to my younger guitar player counterparts.  With the internet, it's information overload!  The guitar practice generator has really helped me stay focused and allowed me to make huge gains in my guitar playing.  For the tiny investment, the payoff has been tremendous.  Thanks so much for this great guitar learning tool!

Bob M.

The guitar practice generator has been a great tool for me to keep my private lesson material organized along with the various online courses I have and the fun songs that I like to play.  With a family and career, its hard to make time for the guitar so I want every bit of practice to count.  This tool allows me to map out exactly what I need to work on and keeps me on track.  Super easy to use.

Sarah J.

I was able to use the practice generator tonight and I really like it. I really like how it sorts out the items by whats most important and assigns daily times for each. It forced me to focus on just 5 topics.  I think this helps me stay on track much better. This is really going to help reach my goals and improve on the guitar.

The Guitar Practice Generator Will Give You a Daily Schedule That Will:

  • Include the list of things you need to practice in order of importance so you can achieve your guitar goals
  • Will take into account your current skill level. This ensures that your guitar practice schedule is personalized to YOU.
  • Will help you to be one of the few guitar players who actually reach their guitar playing goals.
  • Will give you faster results by organizing, optimizing and maximizing every minute of your guitar practice time.
  • Will save you a lot of time and frustration and make your guitar playing so much more enjoyable

Now It's Up To You...

You can make a huge positive change in your guitar playing... Or you can continue to do things the same way you've always done them and not make the progress on the guitar you want to, not reach your guitar playing goals and continue to struggle.

We have created the ultimate tool for you to create a custom, personalized guitar practice schedule that will dramatically increase the rate in which you improve on the guitar.

We even give you an over the shoulder, step by step walkthrough video so you can get the most out of this easy to use, highly effective guitar practice tool.

PLUS we created starter routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced level players AND provided you with suggested courses and lessons so you have the best chance for success

If you finally want REAL progress on the guitar, click the button below and pick up the Guitar Practice Generator